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Commercial Use Licence Agreement for Photographic Images.

This Agreement controls the use of any photographic images purchased from Les Bell hereafter referred to as Les Bell and is a legal contract that specifies the terms of the license and liability limitations for any image(s) supplied to you. You agree to be bound by these terms by purchasing and using any image(s).

In return for payment of the fees stated for one or more photographic images from Les Bell and in further consideration of your acceptance of the provisions of this agreement, Les Bell hereby grants you a personal, non-transferrable, non-exclusive, limited right to use such images subject to the following terms and conditions:


Payment to be received prior to delivery and use unless otherwise agreed.

You are licensed to use the image (s) for the following purposes only:

  • Production of corporate literature in limited print run, eg, calendar, leaflet, flier, etc.
  • Use in corporate advertising - poster, etc.
  • Display in one business or private website.
  • Use in commercial magazine articles, subject to individual purchase of licence per magazine article / issue (accreditation to Les Bell to be included with all such articles).

Each use requires the purchase of a separate licence. Multiple use subject to prior agreement in writing.

 The use of any image(s) for the production of any product to be sold commercially including calendars is strictly forbidden unless otherwise agreed and subject to separate fees.

The image(s) may not be copied, distributed or used other than as set out above and may not be resold.


All rights to the image(s) are owned by Les Bell and are protected by International copyright laws and other applicable laws. Les Bell retains all rights, titles and interests not expressly granted by this license agreement. You may not claim ownership, transfer, assign or sublicense the image(s). Any attempt to transfer or assign this license without prior written consent to do so shall automatically terminate this license and may result in legal action.

Les Bell Warranties.

Images are sold "as is" and user is responsible for their use unless otherwise agreed. Where images are requested to be modified or re-sized the workmanship is warranted to be in accordance with your written requirements.

User Warranties.

You warrant that you will take all necessary steps to prohibit and prevent duplication or further distribution of the image(s).   Note - where photos are to be used on a website the page on which the photo is displayed must carry a copyright notice.

Virus Free.

All files of any description are virus scanned before delivery and are free of known viruses at the time of delivery.


You agree that you are fully responsible for the use of and any consequential effects arising from the use of any photographic image and fully indemnify Les Bell against inclusion in any proceedings or damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of any purchased photographic images.

The legal rights of a consumer or person purchasing goods not for use in a business are not affected by this licence.


This agreement shall terminate immediately if any of its provisions are violated. Upon termination you must immediately stop using the image(s) and delete all copies from your website(s).


Your purchase and use of any photographic images constitutes your agreement and acceptance of this licence.


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Copyright - All photos on this website are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any format without prior permission.

If you would like to use any photo please use our E-mail form to make your request.

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